First blog post

The evidence of change is when “yeah, but…” becomes “yeah, so?” When fear is replaced with curiosity, when our child-like sense of wonder overcomes uncertainty.

Children have a wonderful capacity to pay attention (although moms out there might vigorously disagree!) They can tune out the rest of the world and be fascinated. This is called a schetoma, a literal blind spot that keeps all other information at bay. I experienced this once on Tahquitz Rock in Southern California; I was leading a hard crack climb and as I turned the overhang to end the pitch I became aware of my friends yelling at me. Turns out my two pieces of gear had fallen out and they had been yelling at me to place protection. If I had fallen at any time I would have decked. Badly. But I was so dialed in to the climb I had become literally deaf, so fascinated with the crack that I could not hear. That my friends is safe climbing – no way could I have fallen.

In motorcycle training they teach “You go where you look.” This is a function of our attention, what we pay attention to is what we experience. When you can literally turn your mind to that which is wanted that is where your energy will go and most likely the outcome you will experience.

I will hold forth (probably too much) on attention, energy, the physics of psychology and all sort of other esoteric and abstract stuff, and I hope you will enjoy it. For now, cheers from here!

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