My friend Becky shared a video recently

The question was, basically, what would the best year of your life look like? Simon goes into great detail, asking the listener to deeply consider real life (or the lack of it…)

I took this challenge and remarkably found that aside from “where” and a few minor details, I was in fact living just as I desire to. This has taken a lot of effort and time of course. It’s pretty nice to have this perspective…

Got me to thinking about our real versus ideal selves. Carl Jung posited this idea way back when; our self as we see us now (judgmental as hell of course) versus our ideal self – who we would like to be (or think we are but know we’re lying.)

I liken this to a rubber band: the further apart the real and ideal are, the more tension exists in the rubber band, and the more likely it is to break. Or at least become stretched and distorted over time.

“Normal” thinking would tell us that we best get busy and strive for that ideal self. Well of course I am far from normal so I dissent. I would say that both must move towards the middle. Both must give to the other reasonably, with gratitude and contentment guiding the negotiations.

I may have to let go of living in Breckenridge (at least for now) but when I consider the many qualities of my current environment this is not so hard to do. There are other factors – work, interpersonal relationships, a combination of those two, recreation and other fun. Many offsets. As much as I may from time to time yearn for thin air, I’m okay with it not being there. I can rent it…

Learning the give and take in life, “seeking the middle path”, eases the tension and creates movement towards our best selves.


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